That’s it?

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Her sweet green eyes squinted up at me while her messy hair wisped over her shoulders. “So, when is it going to start?”

We had been outside with the second grade class of Room 20 for the last fifteen minutes. The kids had looked through special glasses, mastered the use of tilt paper, and peeked through holes in shoe boxes.

second grade eclipse day

“It’s been happening,” I replied.  “Remember when it got kind of darker a few minutes ago? The moon has been passing in front of the sun and now it’s going to start getting lighter.”

“Oh, that’s it?” she asked, disappointed.


She was expecting a dramatic blackness to cover the school yard where we stood, (hundreds of miles from the path of totality of the eclipse–by the way).

In all of her expectations and anticipation, she missed it.

How often do we do that as parents?  How often do we have expectations for bonding or fun times together or heart-to-heart conversations or discipling, when really, these things are happening right in front of us? They may not be as exciting as we think they should be.  They are definitely not as dramatic as we see in lives around us of people who are in “the path of totality.”

But if we aren’t paying attention, we’ll miss the main show. If we focus on what’s going on around us–the darkness or the light, the feelings, the arguments, the sentiments–we will often miss the bigger picture of what God is doing, his work that is high above. Our things down here: our parenting strategies, our hacks, our schedules, our summer bucket lists, our do’s, our don’t’s–these all can distract.


If we don’t want to miss it, it is vital that we find the right pair of glasses and look up. Look up to the heavens.  Look up to the One whose actions have caused all of these other events around us to be so intriguing and interesting.


Let us acknowledge the Lord;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear. Hosea 6:3

Do you have a special “pair of glasses” that you use to help you see God’s work as you raise your royalty? I’d love to hear about them.

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