Oh Praise Him

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Oh praise Him/ Oh praise Him/ He is holy/ He is holy/ la la lala lala…

That old song that I first heard when I was dating the man who would become my husband…
That old song that we had seen in concert at least three times…
That old song that I sang each night to my toddling first born as I put him down to sleep…

I sung that old song tonight. That toddler is seven now: a boy who thrives on responsibility and snuggles and quiet time. He’s been joined by two little brothers now—the youngest one older than that toddler way back then.

As I sung that song, images of life with that little toddler clouded my thoughts. My posture back then seems so different from now—I spent so much time Googling how to be a mom and so much quiet time before bed just thinking and praying and thanking God that I got to be a mom.

That really seems like it was so easy, comparatively.

Today, I was just trying to stay afloat. My husband was gone for the weekend. Little Simon couldn’t fall asleep without my presence last night, so he ended up sleeping in my bed… so I ended up not sleeping well. I woke early to the eyes of a [different] little boy staring at my face, ready for breakfast. Somewhere between laundry that’s trying to keep up with potty-training, dishes that are trying to keep up with homemade dinners and breakfasts, spills on the floor, oven/potty/laundry timers, and the constant picking up and putting away after little boys spending an enjoyable day at home, I got lost.

That woman who was thankful just to be a mama was nowhere to be found… nor did she have any time to think quiet thoughts or pray quiet prayers.

I was barely treading water. The list running through my head of things that needed to be done seemed to grow longer instead of shorter with each passing hour.

raising little royalty, triple decker grilled cheese


I escaped to my bedroom, feeling like I would burst if I didn’t get some respite. Simon called my name as I left the kitchen but I pretended I couldn’t hear him, shutting the door behind me. I sent an SOS text to my husband, asking him to pray for me—something I knew I needed but was impossible for me to do at the time. Tears of relief welled in my eyes as I shared my heart with him. I was not alone. I lingered for another minute or two, allowing my pulse to return to normal and my breathing to slow. Nothing inside me wanted to go back out into that fray.

At that very moment, God guided me to think about the things I WAS getting done, rather than the things that WERE NOT getting done. Some kitchen clips that sat on top of a clean shirt that was on top of a pile of clean towels on top of the messy desk in my bedroom caught my eye. I can put these away. Even if I can’t put away the shirt or the towels, I can do this small thing.

My spirit lifted from that moment forward.

The lunch dishes got put in the dishwasher. A few pots and pans even made it out of the sink and back into the cabinets. My older two boys were able to clean up their own mess (mostly) and get themselves changed into their swimsuits on their own. My toddler was able to make it two hours without an accident. We were able to spend a delightful time swimming (in a hot tub) and celebrating the birthday of a special friend. We ate a delicious meal that I didn’t have to prepare (followed by cake and ice cream, of course).

My toddler fell asleep on the drive home, and the other two weren’t far behind him. As I sang that old song to their sleepy ears, I was reminded again of His faithfulness, His unchanging-ness. He is worthy of praise when there’s just one special little toddler that I can pour all of who I am into. And he is worthy of praise when the day is crazy and I’m drowning in demands. He meets my needs no matter what they are and no matter where I am.

Take care, Overrun Mama; you are not overlooked. Depend on him, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself praising him.

Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and sing joyfully about his glorious acts. Psalm 107:21-22


{and here’s the song}

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