Preparing to Prepare

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Most of us know that Advent is a time to prepare. It is a special time set aside to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming.

But we’d better not forget these either: Prepare the gifts for giving. Prepare the food for serving. Prepare the cookies for decorating. Prepare the tree for showcasing. Prepare the photos for sending. Prepare the songs for singing. Prepare the house for hosting. Prepare the clothes for wearing.

I DO love the preparing.

However, my head starts to spin and my palms start to perspire just thinking about all that needs to get done in the next 30 days.

So, lest in the midst of all the other preparing I would forgo the most important preparation (that of getting ready for Jesus), I am challenging myself to stop.  …Not stop all the preparing–because that is fun and it is a special season for my family. But I am challenging myself to stop wasting time on things that are not important.

One easy way for me to do this is to stop bringing my phone into my bedroom at night. I don’t know about you, but the hour from 9-10 each night is when I typically read through emails from retailers and get caught up on the Facebook lives of acquaintances. During such a busy time as Advent, I’d rather spend that time catching up on sleep, reading a good book, or connecting with my husband.

Perhaps this would be a good stop for you, too? Or maybe you can immediately think of one other stop that would help you cut the clutter as you get ready for Christmas.

If you feel a tugging on your heart, commit to doing it! Who knows how God will bless this small sacrifice that you are willing to make as you prepare for the coming of his Son?

And don’t do it alone. Tell at least two people. Ask someone to hold you accountable. I’d love for you to join my Facebook challenge group, Clearing the Christmas Clutter. We’ll have some fun as we hold each other accountable to the goals we’ve set.


Hope to see you over there!

Happy Preparing! And blessings on your stops-


2 thoughts on “Preparing to Prepare

  1. Time spent with our Lord in hearing His Word and talking to Him in prayer is the best time-saving trick of all. Everything becomes easier, more directed and fun during the day when i don’t forget the one thing needful. I want to be held accountable to daily practicing this.

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