Her sweet green eyes squinted up at me while her messy hair wisped over her shoulders. “So, when is it going to start?” We had been outside with the second grade class of Room 20 for the last fifteen minutes. The kids had looked through special glasses, mastered the use of tilt paper, and peeked through holes in shoe boxes. “It’s been happening,” I replied.  “Remember when it got kind of darker a few minutes ago? The moon has been passing in front of the…Continue Reading “That’s it?”

The kitchen was messy on Friday. The toaster was still on the counter from the morning. The clean dishes in the dishwasher needed to be put away so that the pile of dirty dishes in the sink could be cleaned. There were bagels next to the kindergarten homework folder… next to three half-full glasses of water with straws standing tall… next to a document I needed to return to my son’s preschool… next to the cantaloupe rinds that were supposed to be taken to the…Continue Reading “Haze”

My family and I were just returning from a long trip: an extended family reunion in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Plane flights and shuttle buses and car rides and lots and lots and lots of family. July 4th was the first time we were riding in our own car in 11 days. It felt so good to be back in our old “friend”………. except for that moment that the warning light came on accompanied by a loud beep telling us that our rear tire was…Continue Reading “So Worried that you can’t say Anything”

Sometimes, we are really bad at things we feel like we should be good at as parents. For example, I am really bad at putting my almost-two-year-old down for a nap. Not really bad as in I don’t do it or I put it off when I should, but really bad as in almost every time I try, he resists and I do not achieve my goal. I’m pretty sure it goes back way to the beginning of our history together, mamma and son, when…Continue Reading “Failing spaces”

The garage was dark, the only light coming from the white streetlights that run up and down our court. One husband and two little boys had already been shuffled inside. It was past bedtime, and we were just getting home from a friend’s house. I shut a car door that had been left open. In the blink that it took between the sound of the car door slamming and the dome lights shutting off, I saw my four-year-old boy’s head jerk up. Oops! I must have…Continue Reading “Glimpses: pretending to sleep”

“Tell a pretend Jesus story!” my exclamation-mark of a middle child said. We were driving through suburban Kansas City with my brother and his daughter, on our way to wedding festivities for our oldest nephew. It was a weekend filled with love and excitement: we siblings fell back into the comfortable rhythm of old jokes and new news; the cousins quickly found a sweet spot of playful interaction that seems to happen quickly with kids, and even more quickly with kids who share genes. “Zeke,”…Continue Reading “Real Stories”

My now-six-year-old boy recently received a watch for his birthday. As you could probably guess, he lets us know what time it is quite often. “Mom, it’s 9:12… Mom, it’s 9:14… Mom, now it’s 9:15.” I feel like I’ll never be late to anything ever again. He LOVES knowing what time it is at all times. And he is quick to point out if one of the clocks in our house does not have the right time. I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately,…Continue Reading “Time”

I manage to get three boys, one carseat, two large canvas bags of groceries, one over-stuffed diaper bag, one plastic bag of wet pants, my phone, my wallet, and our snacks from the morning into the house. It’s 1:25 in the afternoon and I’m ready for some lunch and a little down time. I’m unloading groceries with the baby on my hip because he has a fever, while warming up an oh-so-healthy lunch of taquitos for the older two. A cup of milk for this…Continue Reading “Neighbors”

I have a confession: I live in a “mom bubble.” My days consist of spending much of my time in my home.  When I’m not at home, I’m in my community running errands, at the schools where my boys attend, at my church, or in my friends’ homes. My most challenging conversations are with my kids’ friends who don’t quite have all of their words and sounds perfected yet. Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t watch much TV; anytime I do happen…Continue Reading “My Bubble (the good and bad)”